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Purple Sweet Potato and Corn Fish Cakes 🍠🌽

These tasty little morsels are a great emergency breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack…. I like them cold or hot but be aware that they will be quite glutinous when cold. If you prefer regular potato it can easily be substituted instead of the sweet potato but they may fall apart a little more easily. Purple Sweet […]

Strawberry Ripe Bites

Woweeee these are delicious! Let’s just say at least one of these will be making into my lunchbox each day 🙂 If you can’t find freeze dried strawberry powder dehydrated strawberries should work quite well too. A word of warning, the bowl I used to melt my chocolate in was too big, which made the […]

Mango Coconut Mousse

Summer in Queensland = MANGOES I have had some great parent AND kid feedback on this one 🙂 It is super duper quick, easy and YUM! MANGO COCONUT MOUSSE Ingredients: 270 ml coconut milk. Pureed flesh of one large ripe mango. 1 tablespoon of gelatin (use 3/4 Tbsp if you prefer it softer). 1/2 tsp […]

Activated Seeds and Goji Berry Kale Salad

Recipe time 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I rustled up this Kale salad for a BBQ with friends on Saturday after finding some fresh as fresh can be👌 organic kale 🌿at the farmers market that morning and it was so scrumptious I totally forgot to take a picture until it was almost all gone 🙈 Food is always the best when shared with friends 💖 Super easy, […]

Lamb and Cumin Meatballs

I must say meatballs are one of the easiest and tastiest go to savoury snacks for family lunch boxes, not to mention breakfast and dinner! The bonus is there are so many options for delicious flavour combinations. This one is a winner! Lamb and Cumin Meatballs (GF, DF, Egg free, makes 30 meatballs) Ingredients: 1kg […]

Apricot & Ginger Cookies

I could tell you that these APRICOT & GINGER COOKIES are the product of many years of baking experience, however reality is I somehow winged it with a bit of this and a bit of that, some feedback from my partner in lunchbox creations Simple Holistic Health, the planets must have aligned and they somehow turned […]

The Basic Allergy Info You Need To Know

In order to really understand it is so important for us to have empathy for those living with allergies. Think for a moment about the big events that most people celebrate – Christmas, birthdays, weddings, family gatherings etc. What is one of the main focuses of all of these? FOOD! How would you feel if […]

D.I.Y Electrolyte Drink

I have seen a number of clients over the past few weeks who are not managing to stay well hydrated during the hot days of Summer so thought I would share this little do it yourself electrolyte drink recipe, which not only tastes delicious but is also loaded with the electrolytes needed to keep you […]

Using Food As Medicine – #1 Garlic

Using Food as Medicine In our modern world of quick fixes and pill poppers it is increasingly easy to lose sight of the fact that one of the best medicines we have is the food we choose to fuel our bodies with. As a Naturopath, Nutritionist and mother I always seek to use food as […]

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